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NooNoo Design

We love the NooNoo Design comfort blankets and baby toys. Comfort blankets, and small play objects. Each NooNoo product is individually handmade of the softest felted lambswool. The comfort blankets are free-hand embroidered with delightful artwork inspired by young children. Imported from England. Each product comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. They make an unusual and stylish baby gift for all occasions.

NooNoo products are ecologically sound, and ethically manufactured using sustainable sources.

*NooNoo uses both unbleached and organic cotton.

*Polyester is used for filling 3D products. Polyester is produced from oil. While the making of polyester is energy-intensive, the benefits of the fibre are the long life of the products that are made usint it, and less energy is needed to dye it and to maintain it once it is used and then washed at home. Polyester needs no land for crops.

*Rayon / Viscose is a bi-product of wood - our rayon / viscose is sustainably sourced before being included in our manufacturing.

*Lambswool is sourced from Merino sheep in Australia reared specifically for their fleece rather than for their meet. The Noonoo lambswool textile is by definition 'organic' in the true sense of the word. Its composition includes the following: Wool - 50% carbon, 22-24% oxygen, 16-17% nitrogen, 7% hydrogen and 2-4% sulphur. Viscose content includes 40% carbon, 7% hydrogen and 53% oxygen, and is a natural by-product and polymer made from wood pulp. lambs are not dipped in pesticides or chemicals until they are 30 months old, which is why our felt is only made from 'early years' lambswool.

*Noonoo uses only use freehand embroidered child art imagery to add a bit of colour and extra character to their product. They do not use coloured textiles in any of their products.

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Noonoo - Pink or Blue Mini Blanket Greeting Card
Price: $ 9.99

NooNoo Design - Baby Eye Pod
Price: $ 29.99

NooNoo Design - Woodbug Blanket
Price: $ 44.99

NooNoo Design - Ladybug Comfort Blanket
Price: $ 39.99

NooNoo Design - Counting Sheep Blanket
Price: $ 44.99

Noonoo Design - Bamboo Comfort Blanket
Price: $ 29.99

NooNoo Design - Fleabug Baby Comfort Blanket
Price: $ 27.99

Noonoo Design - Bamboo Welcome Blanket
Price: $ 69.99

Noonoo Design - Silk Welcome Blanket
Price: $ 89.99

NEW NooNoo Design - Cottonbug Muslin Burp Cloths
Price: $ 29.99

NooNoo Design - Creepy Crawly Cube Rattle
Price: $ 25.99

NEW NooNoo Design - Lambstails
Price: $ 29.99





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